Creekbend Vineyard


No one expects sweeping vine rows to peek out from rural farms and wooded hills of Southern Indiana — but just one glance, and Creekbend Vineyard will take your breath away. Creekbend is Oliver’s commitment to the production of great wine from Indiana-grown grapes., and since the vineyard was re-born in 1994, our estate-bottled wines have gained a national reputation for quality.



Named for its proximity to Beanblossom Creek, which bends around the perimeter of the property, the 54-acre Monroe County site, is ideally suited for growing. Creekbend’s hilltop location and well-drained limestone soil promote optimal vine health, and the Indiana Uplands’ long, warm summers allow us to ripen a broad range of wine grapes. We cultivate rare varieties such as Crimson Cabernet and Cabernet Doré, as well as hardy Catawba, Traminette, and Chambourcin. More than 30,000 individual vines are planted at Creekbend. The spear point adorning our Creekbend Collection labels is an actual artifact recovered at Creekbend Vineyard, evidence of the Indian tribes that hunted these grounds over 5,000 years ago.




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